Destroyit 2465 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 4/P-5

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The DestroyIt 2465 is a Level 4 cross cut shredder designed to keep your personal documents safe. This shredder effectively destroys your sensitive documents to dimensions as small as 3/32" x ?" . It can handle multiple sheets (between 13 and 15), and can handle staples, credit cards, and paper clips. It shreds at an impressive rate of 27 feet per minute. The cutting shafts in this shredder are made from special hardened steel and feature DestroyIt's lifetime guarantee in the minute chance that they perform unsatisfactorily. This shredder features DestroyIt's famous Safety Protection System (SPS) package. It consists of a safety flap located at the feed opening to ensure your safety while operating the machine. It also comes with an easy-switch intelligent control system that lets you know when the shredder is functioning correctly, and when the bin needs to be emptied. This shredder is very environmentally friendly. It does not require the use of disposable shred bags. Just simply let your shred fall into the provided bin and empty into your recycling center when full. Replace the shred bin and continue shredding! The other environmentally responsible feature is zero energy standby. It completely disconnects from your power supply after 30 minutes of nonuse to save you money and energy.

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