Datastroyer 440 Data Disintegrator

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As one of our most popular models, the Datastroyer 440 disintegrator satisfies your high volume destruction needs! This NSA approved disintegrator will destroy paper, optical media (CDs/DVDs), and keytape to high security standards. The heavy duty Datastroyer 440 disintegrator comes standard with the X-3 Twin Bag, Twin Filter Waste Collection System. NEMA 12 controls, rated the highest on the market, promise increased operator safety. As an added bonus, these enclosures protect your equipment from dust, dirt, or liquids. The double-wall construction is essential for reducing operational noise. For convenience, we recommend pairing the Datastroyer 440 disintegrator with a feed conveyor, which allows for optimized feeding rates. The optional Master Control Panel features the power controls for each integral component of the machine. This user-friendly control panel will recognize and carry out any sequence you input. The high inertia flywheel and rotor permit low RPM operation and reduced energy consumption. The front feed, hinged hopper with a loading tray and removable flap assembly tilts out of the way for unobstructed access. This advanced design makes repairs and maintenance a breeze. The large 16" x 28" throat opening accepts a wide variety of materials, including paper, CDs, DVDs, bulky plastics, fabrics, and soft metals. With a factory rated throughput of 2,000 lbs. per hour, your materials are broken down by 3 rotor/2 bed knives. These knives are made out of heavy duty, High Chrome/High Carbon D2 steel. The open, slant cut rotor provides increased air flow to cool down the machine and efficient cutting. Our bed knives, unlike our competitors, are reversible and allow for a longer lifespan and lessened resharpening costs. The TEFC (totally-enclosed, fan cooled) motor guarantees higher performance levels compared to open motor designs. Weighing in at 3,400 lbs., this powerhouse disintegrator is meant for production areas and with dimensions of 79 3/4" H x 52" W x 54 1/8" D will take up a considerable amount of space. Handy mobility casters make relocating this massive machine a breeze. Call your sales representative or download our full line catalog from our homepage to see the extensive array of options and accessories we carry to customize your system!

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