Datastroyer 320 Data Disintegrator

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The Dastroyer 320 disintegrator offers durability, power, and efficiency all combined in one machine. The extra large feed opening of our 320 disintegrator (16" x 20") allows for the destruction of printouts and bound manuals, even ring binders up to 3" thick. The powerful 30 HP motor makes short work of up to 1,300 pounds of material per hour. Please note that throughput varies with screen size, knife configuration and type ; weight of your material. High Chrome, High Carbon D2 steel knives, 3 rotor and 2 bed, rip apart your materials as soon as they enter the cutting chamber. In addition, the bed knives are reversible, meaning a greater lifespan and less trips to get your knives resharpened. NSA approved for destroying paper, keytape, and optical media, the Datastroyer 320 disintegrator meets high security standards when equipped with a 3/32" screen. The Datastroyer 320 offers several other screen sizes, including 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and larger. The Datastroyer 320 disintegrator weighs a considerable 3,025 lbs. Taking up a substantial amount of space with dimensions of 80" H x 49 1/2" W x 71 1/8" D, the Datastroyer 320 is suitable for large production areas. With a fully enclosed soundproofed base and hopper, you can be sure that operational noise will be at a minimum. The front feed, hinged hopper features a loading tray and removable flap assembly and will tilt out of the way to allow for easy access to the internal components. This advanced design guarantees user-friendly maintenance and service when needed. Our open, slant cut rotor design improves airflow to cool down the machine and ensures more efficient cutting. The Datastroyer 320 comes standard with our X-2 Twin Bag Waste Evacuation System, which increases productivity and allows for fewer bag changes.

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