Datastroyer 310 Data Disintegrator

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The Model 310 is NSA evaluated and meets NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for High Security Disintegrators, 04-02 for Optical Media (CDs and DVDs), and 04-01 for keytape. This heavy duty, mid volume 7-blade disintegrator comes standard with a 30 HP motor, with the option to upgrade. A flexible 14" x 24" feed opening allows for an array of materials to be put into the 310 disintegrator. The Datastroyer 310 includes a Master Control Panel and offers the option of adding an integrated, infeed cleated conveyor. This conveyor significantly reduces strenuous work load and makes feeding materials like paper, CDs/DVDs, bulky plastics, or fabrics to the cutting chamber even easier. The 310 disintegrator also comes standard with the X-3 Twin Bag, Fan-Type Waste Evacuation System. Unlike the single bag evacuation systems, the twin bag proves efficient and powerful for the removal of residue. An optional Feed Rate Meter indicates how tough your machine is working and whether you are in danger of overloading the machine. Electrical and magnetic safety interlocks exist to protect the user and shut down the machine should any internal components be exposed. The Datastroyer 310 destroys up to 1,800 lbs. per hour, depending upon screen size, knife configuration and type, and the weight of the material. High Chrome/High Carbon knives, 5 rotor and 2 bed, help break down your objects into whatever particle size you require. If you require high security standards, then the NSA approved 3/32" screen size is perfect. Other screen sizes are available, including 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and larger. The hinged, drop-down style cradle makes changing the screen sizes a breeze. The hopper tilts back for convenient access to special 5-blade, open winged rotor. The soundproofed, double-wall construction stifles operational noise. The Datastroyer 310 offers the highest rated enclosures available: NEMA 12 controls. NEMA 12 is intended for indoor use and ensures operator safety and protection of your equipment. Weighing a considerable 2,600 lbs. and with 70 1/4"H x 44"W x 51"D dimensions, the Datastroyer 310 will no doubt take up a substantial amount of space in your work environment.

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