Datastroyer 240 Disintegrator

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The high volume Datastroyer 240 disintegrator promises exceptional performance for every disintegrating job! The Datastroyer 240 has an average factory rating of 1,300 lbs. per hour and is NSA rated at 850 lbs per hour. Hand feed your materials into the sizeable, 12" x 10" feed opening. This 7-knife disintegrator features High Chrome, High Carbon D2 steel knives to destroy paper, CDs/DVDs, keytape, fabric, bulky plastics, or light metals. The 5 rotor knives spin rapidly while 2 reversible bed knives help shred your materials into miniscule particles. These reversible beds allow for a doubled lifespan and reduced resharpening costs. The Datastroyer 240 is NSA evaluated to meet NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 (Level 6) for high security disintegrators, 04-02 for optical media (CDs ; DVDs), and 04-01 for keytape. The Datastroyer 240 accommodates a variety of different screen sizes, including NSA approved 3/32", as well as 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and larger. Need to change out the screen in a hurry? The Datastroyer 240 makes alternating screens convenient thanks to the drop-down design. Our open, slant cut rotor design allows for improved air flow and guarantees efficient cutting. For easy maintenance, the hinged hopper tilts back to expose the rotor and knives.Made in the USA, the Datastroyer 240 is rugged both internally and externally to guarantee longevity and durability. This disintegrator comes standard with the X-2 Twin Bag Waste Evacuation System. NEMA 12 controls, the highest rated enclosures available, provide increased operator safety and protection of your equipment. Full soundproofing ensures decreased noise and reduced office disruptions. An optional fed rate meter indicates how hard your disintegrator is working. This helps lessen potential jams or other disintegrator malfunctions. The Datastroyer 240 granulator weighs a decent 2,500 lbs and offers dimensions of 65"H x 34"W x 50"D.Throughput varies with screen size, knife configuration and type ; weight of material

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