Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator

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This mid-size model offers the highest throughput in its class, rated at 525 lbs/hr on the NSA Evaluated Products List! NSA evaluated to meet or exceed NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for paper and keytape and 04-02 for optical media destruction, the Datastroyer 210 meets high security standards with a 3/32" screen. The Datastroyer 210 also offers 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" or larger screen sizes. Depending upon what screen size you choose, throughput averages to about 1,200 lbs per hour. The front-feed, hinged hopper offers a 12" x 16" throat opening to accommodate a wide range of materials. This hinged hopper tilts back for unobstructed access and easy maintenance. Changing the screen is also incredibly easy thanks to the drop-down design and for added convenience, the screen is reversible. The Datastroyer 210 is equipped with 5 rotor and 2 bed knives, for a total of 7 knives. These knives are made of High Chrome, High Carbon D2 steel. The 5 rotor knives spin rapidly to shred your materials until they are granulated enough to fall through your selected screen size. As the bed knives are reversible, this doubles the lifespan of the knives and leads to decreased resharpening costs. An open, slant cut rotor design improves air flow for cool operation and guarantees efficient cutting. Made in the USA, the Datastroyer 210 is matched with a Bottomless Filter Evacuation System designed for high efficiency. This model can also be upgraded by pairing it with our FC-2, Double Bag Evacuation System which provides even greater throughput. With full-soundproofing and NEMA 12 controls, you can be sure that your work environment will not be polluted by noisy operation. NEMA 12 controls are the highest rated and provide increased operator safety and protection of your equipment. The rugged welded plate construction features multiple flaps to help reduce noise and prevent flyback. Weighing 2,300 lbs., the mid-sized Datastroyer 210 offers 68" H x 29" W x 49" D dimensions.

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