Datastroyer 1628 MS High Security Shredder Level 6/P-7

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The Datastroyer 1628 MS Level 6/P-7 paper shredder is a Level 6/P-7 shredder, meaning that it has been evaluated by the NSA to meet or exceed the NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for destroying paper, including top secret shredding. In order to satisfy this unique high security requirement, the 1628 uses hardened steel cutting cylinders that are tightly aligned for tearing paper down to an incredibly fine confetti cut. Our Datastroyer shredders, like the 1628 MS, are durable enough for extended usage, but designed with the office in mind. Inside, they are built using specially-adjusted drives and thermally protected motors. Outside, they have automatic start/stop sensors. Our shredders use office friendly cabinets with generous bin capacities, bin full sensors, and casters for better mobility.

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