Datastroyer 145 Disintegrator

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Datastroyer 145 Disintegrator:Our introductory model into mid-volume category, Model 145 disintegrator features a large 144 square inch cutting chamber and powerful 15 HP motor. 12" x 2" throat opening accommodates an array of materials, including paper, bulky plastics, and soft metals. With a factory rated maximum throughput of 1,000* lbs. per hour, Datastroyer 145 is NSA rated at 200 lbs per hour. Keep in mind that throughput varies depending upon screen size, knife configuration, as well as type and weight of your materials. Our top-of-the-line D2 High Carbon/High Chrome steel knives tear apart your materials. An open rotor design allows for increased airflow, decreased heat, and guarantees higher productivity. Thanks to a rapid sheering action, 3 rotor and 2 reversible bed knives break down your materials, allowing these granulated pieces to pass through screen size of your choosing. Select from a variety of different screen sizes, including 3/32," 1/8," 3/16," 1/4" or larger. These screens are easy to change and accommodate a range of security requirements. Datastroyer 145 is NSA evaluated to meet or exceed NSA/CSS Specifications for destroying paper, keytape, and optical media to high security standards. Weighing in at a considerable 1,750 lbs., Datastroyer 145 offers dimensions of 73" H x 40" W x 44" D. Fortunately, this monstrous granulator comes with mobility casters, making it extremely easy to move around your warehouse or production area. FC-1 Bottomless Filter Waste Evacuation System is a single bag, fan cyclone system. This evacuation system is completely portable, perfect for when you wish to relocate disintegrator. Model 145 disintegrator also features Nema 12 Controls. As highest rating available, Nema 12 enclosures are constructed for indoor use and guarantee operator safety. This enclosure also protects your disintegrator from dirt, dust, and liquids. fully enclosed, soundproofed base decreases operational noise so that your work day is not disrupted. TEFC (totally enclosed, fan-cooled) motor ensures improved performance compared to open motors. For mid volume destruction, you can't go wrong with Datastroyer 145 disintegrator.

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