Datastroyer 120 Data Disintegrator

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This disintegrator is designed for mid-volume applications and is ideal for offices that have outgrown a shredder or have multimedia requirements. The 10 x 12 inch throat size accepts an assortment of materials, including paper, CDs, DVDs, credit cards ID badges, etc. The Datastroyer 120 will easily destroy materials up to 450* lbs. per hour. Note that throughput depends highly upon screen size, knife configuration, as well as the type and weight of your materials. High Chrome High Carbon D-2 steel knives, 3 rotor and 2 reversible bed knives, take your bulky materials and turn them into miniscule pieces. These knives are specially heat treated with our proprietary process for an exceptionally long life, reducing knife maintenance and replacement costs. The high-tech, double-scissor cutting action is perfect for granulating bulky paper or plastics. This granulator accepts a range of screen sizes, from the NSA approved screen size of 3/32" to larger than a 1/4" screen. Changing the screen is extremely simple thanks to the drop-down design and for additional convenience, the screen is reversible. Need to service your machine? For easy maintenance, simply tilt back the hopper to access the rotor and bed knives. This advanced design allows for exceptionally fast and simple servicing. The Datastroyer 120's small footprint (61" H x 23" W x 32" D) makes it ideal for operations with limited space. As the 120 disintegrator weighs 1,000 lbs., you may be wondering how to best move this machine. Conveniently, the Datastroyer 120 is mounted on heavy-duty casters, making relocation a breeze. The Model 120 disintegrator comes standard with the V-1 Vacuum System and can also be upgraded with a fan cyclone system to enhance total throughput. Due to its size, the Model 120 is perfect for shipboard use. Interested in extra sound dampening? Check out our Whitaker Modular Sound Enclosure, which reduces sound levels by 15-25 dBAs. The Sound Enclosure can be customized to fit any disintegrator and evacuation system. This unit is offered with a 7.5 HP motor for a lower price. For more information on the Datastroyer 120 disintegrator, set up an expert consultation with one of our Whitaker Brothers Sales Representatives today!

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