Datastroyer 105 Hard Drive Degausser

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The only available NSA approved hard drive degausser on hard drives 4 terabytes in size or larger, the Datastroyer 105 ensures the permanent loss of hard drive data with the use of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) technology. With automatic on/off operation, the Datastroyer 105 un-aligns magnetic fields within media material, making prior data retrieval impossible. Datastoyer 105 can wipe your hard drives clean in less than one minute. The highest security in its class, the Datastroyer 105 produces a bi-directional field that provides a 20,000 Gauss positive field and a 20,000 Gauss negative field. Due to its powerful erasing capabilities, Datastroyer 105 will continue to meet NSA media sanitation requirements in the future. The Datastroyer 105 weighs 128lbs, making it perfect for tabletop or floor operation, and does not require the use of adaptors for each specific hard drive, making it a fast, efficient, and simple method for complete data erasure.

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