Datastroyer 007SF High Security Paper Shredder Package Level 6/P-7

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The Datastroyer 007SF Shredder is ideal if you are looking for a shredder that is powerful, fast, and efficient. This shredder has the highest throughput of any NSA evaluated shredder at a whopping 26 reams/hour and 10 sheets per pass. This shredder is all metal and the ONLY high security shredder with key lock security. It is one of the NSA approved shredders and meets or exceeds the Specification 02-01 with its high security superfine level 6 shred. The Datastroyer 007SF shredder is approved for all levels of classified paper destruction which include Special Access Programs (SAP), Communications Secure (COMSEC), Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), and Top Secret (TS). This 007SF shredder is also known to be extremely consistent and has over 30 years of proven reliability in secure locations...

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