Cumberland VH-50 Shredder (VH Series)

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For any manufacturers or producers in the modern world, there is always the need to consider waste materials. Whether they are recycled, reclaimed, or just dealt with through size reduction, they must always be managed effectively. Cumberland understands this very clearly and offers their VH Series of rotary shredders as a good resource for material waste processing. These units have a diverse range of functions and will easily tackle such unusual materials as PVC fencing, composite lumber, and pipes. They also handle carpeting, synthetic materials, medical waste, and hefty extruder profiles too. The Cumberland VH-50 Shredder is the largest and most powerful in the series, and it could easily become a single step resource. Built on a very sturdy steel frame, the Cumberland VH-50 Shredder features an oversized drive train, enormous roller bearings, and severe duty design in order to tackle such a wide array of materials. The huge infeed area measures 50" x 6" and relies on dual feed rolls to clamp on to the materials and hold them safely in place. While preventing stock from bouncing or kicking back, the feed rolls also force the materials into the rotor and through the cutting process. The 15" rotor is fit with 64 reversible blades. These blades are staggered for optimal processing and use the high output rotor efficiently.The Cumberland VH-50 Shredder is meant to work safely at low speeds while also giving the highest torque for cutting too. This is why the throughput remains at rates of 2000 to 15000 pounds per hour and why safe operation is a sure thing. The feed rolls are also partnered with a pneumatic discharge port, meaning that materials enter and exit the machine with the least amount of risk to operators feeding in the stock. This unit is so efficient and effective that Cumberland provides two levels of satisfaction guarantee. First, Cumberland offers a lifetime warranty on the rotor. Second, they also offer a buyback program. These two guarantees prove that the Cumberland VH-50 Shredder is built to deliver a long term solution for a wide variety of industrial processors. Should you need to tackle size reduction on many kinds of heavy and rugged materials, this unit is easily a wise choice. It will operate efficiently and safely for many years, require only minimal maintenance, and process all materials in a consistent manner.

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