Cumberland VH-22 Shredder (VH Series)

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Cumberland's line of VH Series shredders are capable of dealing with difficult tasks, and yet can do so at a predictable and efficient level. The Cumberland VH-22 Shredder is the mid-sized model in this series and is equipped with some impressive features. The Cumberland VH-22 Shredder features a 21.5" x 6" infeed area. Load many different materials into the unit, while the clamp on the feed roll locks the materials into place and continually drives them into the rotors. This prevents any sort of bouncing, kick back, or safety issues from occurring. It also guarantees that the system keeps moving at the desired level. This unit has an anticipated throughput rate of 300 to 3000 pounds per hour, making the dual feed rolls essential. The VH-22 moves materials against the 20" rotor that is designed in a staggered pattern and with reversible cutters to deliver optimal treatment of many kinds of loads. The unit operates at a low speed and delivers high torque to the rotors, meaning that the severe duty construction of the Cumberland VH-22 Shredder can support some very challenging tasks. With 30 cutters on the rotor, there are few materials that won't be easily handled, and the 75 HP motor guarantees that even touch loads are processed without serious problems. The oversized drive train and the heavy roller bearings are also part of the successful design of this machine, as they support the success of each operation. Even with such excellent design, the Cumberland VH-22 Shredder comes with a lifetime guarantee on the rotor and buyback program on the entire unit. This machine can handle a lengthy list of materials for size reduction, reclamation, or recycling. The processing of such materials is done according to the user's specific needs, making the Cumberland VH-22 Shredder a perfect choice for producers and manufacturers of almost any kind.

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