Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder (30 HP)

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There is no such thing as "light weight" plastics reduction. Luckily, Cumberland offers a full line of heavy duty single shaft shredders to tackle even the toughest plastics. Their Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder with a 30 HP motor is available for those who need reliable processing at a steady pace. Designed to handle plastic waste of any kind, it can also manage commonly reclaimed materials such as medical waste, cardboard, paper, carpet, baled film, and much more. The Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder has an impressively large 30" x 40" infeed with a massive 30" cutting chamber. This unit relies on low speed and high torque that gives the most consistent results possible. Because it is a lower speed unit, it also comes with the added benefit of relatively quiet operation. The Cumberland 32 single shaft shredder relies on a hydraulic process ram that keeps the materials being processed in contact with the rotor. This creates a system in which the materials are steadily moved to the discharge area to cut down on possible jams. There is also a shelf mounted over the ram to prevent any parts from being damaged, but which also gives access to the cylinders for simplified maintenance and cleaning.This rotor unit is meant for "severe" duty. It utilizes four way indexable cutting inserts, and there are replaceable counter knife plates in the anvil as well. This design guarantees that efficient processing is the order of the day and that jamming is reduced substantially. A truly optimal feature on the unit is the hydraulic pump that is rated as heavy duty and which has a capability of reacting to high shock loads. This means that it automatically begins cooling when there are oversized loads and heavy duty demands. The design of the entire unit is also part of the functionality as the heavy side walls and braces support the drive train as well. Though the Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder is described as a primary plastics reclaiming unit, it does have a gear box that is capable of crushing rock, and it can be customized as needed for additional size reduction. The Cumberland 32 Single Shaft Shredder is clearly a heavy duty machine that can supply those in need of industrial size reduction with a very reliable and effective system capable of handling challenging to light loads._single_shaft_shredder_20_hp_.jpg" alt="" />

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