Challenge Titan 200BC Automatic Paper Cutter

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The Challenge Titan 200BC electric cutter, the manual back gauge version of the popular Titan 200 model, offers you anything you could hope to find on a powerful, competent paper cutter. The heavy-duty casters facilitate easy portability. Due to the power cutting and clamping, you experience less fatigue at the same time productivity is enhanced. The LED bright cut line indicates exactly where the cutting blade will come down, so paper alignment and repositioning has never been simpler. This adaptable paper cutter can cut as narrowly as 1/2 inch, its maximum cut depth being 20 inches, so it can complete a variety of cutting projects. The adjustable clamp pressure securely holds your stock in place for quality, precise cuts. You do not have to worry about any risks during cutting, as this automatic cutter is equipped with front and rear Plexiglas safety covers and 2-hand button controls. The Challenge Titan 200BC paper cutter ensures the highest levels of accuracy and ease-of-use.

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