Challenge Spartan 185SA Paper Cutter (Semi Automatic)

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The Spartan 185SA semi-automatic paper cutter by Challenge ensures high exactitude for your every single cut. The manual clamping system provides an optimal level of pressure, which results in superior cuts. You can manually manipulate the back gauge for fine adjustment and precision, and it includes an easy-to-read digital display that tells you the exact position of the back gauge.The digital back gauge position indicator also allows for higher output, as well as more accuracy for repeat cutting. The gibs, used to control the blade position during a cut cycle, do not require any maintenance and will virtually last forever. These gibs, on the front and back of the knife bar, and the LED laser cutting line, give this paper cutter lifetime durability with zero maintenance. That makes your life as the operator extremely easy. When ease-of-use is paramount, the Challenge Spartan 185SA paper cutter is the product you need.

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