Challenge Spartan 185A Paper Cutter (Automatic)

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The Challenge Spartan 185A automatic paper cutter, besides boasting a smooth, contemporary design, offers a great many features. Able to cut paper 18 1/2 inches wide and slice through a stack of 3 inches, it is capable of cutting large amounts of paper very quickly, over 500 sheets. The independent automatic clamping system allows for "clamp only" operation, and it creates a good amount of pressure, over 3,000 lbs, to firmly hold your documents in place. The back gauge is adjusted manually by a hand wheel, and you can accomplish very precise positioning. This paper cutter has a digital back gauge indicator that provides easier user interface and enhances accuracy and production. The knife gibs increase the lifetime of the cutter while requiring absolutely no maintenance, and heavy-duty construction is sure to give you long-term performance. You can be assured of injury-free operation with this cutter's front and rear safety covers and 2-hand button controls. The Challenge Spartan 185A automatic cutter is a large unit of power and reliability that delivers you professional-looking results.

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