Challenge Spartan 150M Paper Cutter (Manual)

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The Challenge Spartan 150M is a sleekly designed desktop manual cutter with all the basics to meet your cutting demands. With a cutting width of almost 16 inches and able to cut up to 15 1/4 inches, this paper cutter can easily handle any low or medium-volume jobs and processes popular letter and legal paper sizes. It has the ability to slice through a 1 1/2 inch stack of paper, which amounts to about 200 sheets. So your cutting projects will be quickly and efficiently completed. The manual hand crank clamping system produces optimal pressure, better than the lever design, resulting in higher quality cuts. The LED back gauge readout is digital for higher cutting and repeat cut accuracy, as well as increased productivity. There is also a laser red cutting line for perfect paper alignment and precision. This durable, heavy-duty constructed paper cutter ensures the highest level of safety, equipped with front and rear covers. With the Challenge Spartan 150M manual cutter, you are guaranteed safety, accuracy and durability.

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