Challenge Spartan 150 A Paper Cutter

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The Challenge Spartan 150A has the same features and benefits of the Spartan 150 SA but with an automated power clamping system designed to work in unison with the cutting blade. With a maximum cut size of 15-1/4" , the 150A is perfect for copy centers, print shops, and professional offices where there is a need to cut legal as well as letter size paper. Features like a LED Digital Backgauge Position Indicator and a Laser Red Cut Line Light ensure fast and easy set up and more accurate cuts. The Spartan 150 A is made with durable, heavy duty components such as steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, as well as UHMW gibs and bronze bearings which makes it long wearing and maintenance free. Features: ;Safe: Two hand push button controls, front and rear safety shields;Accurate: LED Backgauge Indicator and Red LED Laser cutline;Durable: Constructed of steel, cast iron, cast aluminum with bronze bearings and UHMW gibs

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