Akiles ProLam Plus 160 Laminator

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The Akiles ProLam Plus 160 is the latest in Akiles's line of versatile, easy to use laminators. With a dual heat system that that consists of heated roller as well as heated plates, the ProLam Plus 160 provides fast, efficient lamination of all pouch thicknesses from 3mil to 10mil. The heated rollers also provide clear, bubble free lamination for photos. The ProLam Plus 160 couldn't be easier to use, with a toggle switch that allows you to switch between hot and cold lamination and a gradual temperature control that gives you fast, precise adjustments when laminating different types of materials. The ProLam Plus 160 features a heavy duty motor and a 6.3" throat capacity. Need to laminate larger items? Check out the ProLam Plus 230 or 330 models.

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