Akiles ProLam 150 Laminator

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The Akiles ProLam 150 is a durable, heavy-duty laminator for smaller jobs. The ProLam 150 is a professional laminating machine that boasts efficiency and ease of use. With its convenient compact size, the ProLam is more than capable of laminating pouches 10 mil thick and has a maximum laminating thickness of 2 mm. With its heavy duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers, metal cover, and aluminum heat plates, the ProLam 150 is built to last through time and withstand heavy duty laminating jobs. Despite its size, the ProLam 150 provides convenience. Where other bigger laminators create more work on small lamination jobs, the ProLam makes a job simple. Ideal for small pouch jobs, ProLam lamination does not require any trimming of excess material. Instead, simply enjoy and use your newly laminated item without the hassle of any manual tasks

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