Akiles iWire Punch and Bind System (Discontinued)

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The Akiles iWire is a compact, all-in-one machine for creating wire bound documents quickly, easily and affordably. The iWire can manually punch up to 15 sheets of paper using durable heat treated and cast hardened steel punch dies that are sure to stand up to heavy, long term use. Punching is done vertically for better alignment and fewer errors. Punching is made easier thanks to the ergonomic handle and the built in waste drawer collects all punch chips so there's never any mess. To create a wire bound document first use the built in wire selector to determine the correct wire size for your document, then use the wire guide to verify that you have the correct wire size. Then simply set the wire closer by sliding the bar to the appropriate size. Once you have set up the iWire simply punch your documents and cover pages, then place your wire on the wire holder and insert your documents and covers onto the wire. Remember with wire binding, the back cover of your document is stacked on top with the inside of the cover facing up. Once the documents have been inserted, place the wire, open side down into the wire closer and pull the handle to close the wire. Flip the back cover over and your document is finished. Close the anti-dust cover and the iWire can be easily stored until needed.

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