Akiles EcoBind-C Comb Punch and Binding

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Akiles EcoBind-C: EcoBind-C is a manual comb punch and binding system with a unique handle. ergonomic U-shaped handle can be operated using one or both hands for a smoother, easier punch. open punching throat accommodates documents larger than 12" allowing users to fit paper sizes of any length and fully disengaging pins allow users to punch smaller paper sizes while side margin control provides evenly centered punches every time. depth margin control helps punch different margin depths for different book sizes. There is a comb selection guide to help users make sure they're selected right comb size for their book. comb opener can handle books up to 2" thick. waste drawer is conveniently removed from front of EcoBind, allowing users to maximize space. Its great for offices, small print shops, and classrooms. EcoBind-C is a complete binding system in one compact, affordable package.

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