Akiles Diamond 6 Corner Rounding Machine

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The heavy duty Diamond 6 is a new corner rounding machine with the ability to cut 600 sheets (or 2.36") of paper at once. The large work table can support the weight of such tall stacks and fit bigger paper dimensions for clean cuts and higher productivity. And even while boasting monstrous strength, the Diamond 6 doesn't spare safety. A protective safety cover prevents fingers from injury and the heavy duty foot pedal frees up both hands during operation. Patented die design (upper and micro-adjustable lower die) ensure high quality corner rounding for any large volume job and high productivity. Even switch between manual and auto mode with the flip of a switch. Separate built-in storage bins are placed on the side, one for tools and a smaller bin for scraps. The Diamond 6 is reliable and sturdy, ideal for any heavy duty corner rounding needs.

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