Akiles Diamond-5 Corner Rounding Machine

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For industrial use, the Diamond-5 is perfect for large jobs. Able to cut through stacks almost two inches thick, the Diamond-5 has high productivity and a reliable performance in a relatively compact machine. The Diamond-5 is foot pedal operated, freeing up both hands during use. Strong metal construction and a heavy duty motor enables the Diamond-5 to cut any standard material including paper, PVC, polyester, leather, polypropylene, etc. in sizable stacks to save time and effort. The high quality dies are designed to maintain sharpness and cut through stacks with minimal die depreciation. The Diamond-5 includes a 1/8" die and a 1/4" die as well as a work table. A 3/8" die is also available.Though smaller than the Diamond 6 and Diamond 7, the Diamond 5 is still a practical industrial rounding machine. For your industrial needs, the Diamond-5 is a smart investment. Round anything from a stack of invitations, IDs, photos, to documents, covers, and booklets up to 1.97" at a time. The Diamond-5 can accommodate bigger paper dimensions with its large work table (removable) and users can toss out scraps via the small waste basket. The Diamond-5 is cost-efficient and desktop friendly, with industrial power

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