Akiles Diamond-1 Corner Rounding Machine

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The Diamond-1 is a manual corner rounding machines, perfect for small corner rounding jobs. With a strong metal construction and steel alloy dies, the Diamond-1 is durable and efficient. A small drawer collects waste while another drawer holds accessories. The Diamond-1 comes with a 1/4" die but other available dies include 3/8", 1/8", half-moon, 45 degree, and even a hold punch. Dies can be easily changed by removing 2 screws using the wrench that's included with the machine. Cut any type of paper in addition to PVC, polyester, leather, polypropylene and more. Users do not need to exert excessive force to use Diamond-1 or worry about die depreciation. A small stack of paper (up to .4") placed along the guides can be cut by pushing down the wide handle. And that's all there is to the Diamond-1. An easy to use manual corner rounder capable of effortless cutting.

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