Akiles CardMac Bleed Business Card Slitter (Discontinued)

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The CardMac Bleed is an affordable option for small jobs. Sheets that are printed with gaps in between each business card must be run through a bleed cutter model to for precise cuts. Completely affordable and precise, the CardMac B is the perfect option for any light job. The Bleed model cuts 10 cards per Letter size sheet while trimming margins in between each card for a clean cut. The CardMac opens up to catch cards after the second pass and scraps. Ideal for anyone or office with a low demand or need for business cards, but still require the quality of a professional business card, the CardMac Bleed balances precision and affordability in a lightweight machine. Store it away when not in use or leave it on your desk. It fits in most every office, thanks to its incredibly compact size.

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