Whitaker Brothers 104/3 Hard Drive Shredder

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The 104/3 Hard Drive Shredder from Whitaker Brothers will ease your worries regarding unauthorized retrieval of your sensitive information. Destroy any hard drive, CD, DVD, solid state drive, USB stick, BluRay disc, credit card, ID card, floppy disk, or other media device with ease. The 104/3 will destroy your sensitive materials according to DIN 66399 security levels, T1, E2, and H3, so you can be confident that it will be unrecoverable. The 104/3 can average 1250 drives per hour. Thanks to the easy-to-remove waste container, your debris can be removed with ease, and you can continue destroying your digital media storage with almost no interruption. The 104/3 has a powerful, energy-saving power unit that enables long operation at a very low noise level. The shredder has a dBA rating of 57, which is just as noisy as an electric toothbrush. The automatic return feature eliminates any material jams that could possibly occur so you won't have to worry about your data being ineffectively destroyed. Another standout feature of the 104/3 is the internal carbon based pre-filter and the HEPA air filtration system which come standard on the 104/3 without having to special order or pay additional fees.

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